obligatory mod post

Hiii guys, long time no see. C:

I think it might be time to lay unequally to rest, updates wise. I'm no longer active on LJ in general, and have migrated to other sites! I've also seen a lot of PM's/comments on how my host has gone down - which it has. Atom-bot kinda kaput abruptly (with no indication from my host), which I've been trying to resolve, but I suppose paying $5/yr for a web host gets you what you paid for. :P

I'll be leaving the comm as it is, so my codes should still be up for everyone who needs them & I'll re-up the stylesheets that were hosted on atom-bot! However, this does mean that I can't answer support questions & how-to's on my designs.

I can still be found on my deviantART but it's strictly for my doodle endeavors, not website design. :P

Thank you guys for using / commenting / liking my work! Every watcher and comment was seriously appreciated. :)

Over & out,
♥ nattie / introject
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If you guys have anything to say (good or bad) about my layouts, here's your chance! I've hit a rut in terms of designing new stuff & would love to hear about what I can improve on and what y'all don't like. :) ♥

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bandwidth, haha.

please reupload images to your own server, guys!

So, my bandwidth went out extra early this month, and I'm concerned that it'll do it again in January. :c I will be reuploading some of the layout images to an alternate photobucket to try to combat this, but please, please reupload layout images to your own server, especially if you don't want them to kaput in the middle of the month, haha. :) I'll be providing the external images for any layouts I make from now on, and let's hope my bandwidth stays within boundaries.

Thanks again,
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