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obligatory mod post

Hiii guys, long time no see. C:

I think it might be time to lay unequally to rest, updates wise. I'm no longer active on LJ in general, and have migrated to other sites! I've also seen a lot of PM's/comments on how my host has gone down - which it has. Atom-bot kinda kaput abruptly (with no indication from my host), which I've been trying to resolve, but I suppose paying $5/yr for a web host gets you what you paid for. :P

I'll be leaving the comm as it is, so my codes should still be up for everyone who needs them & I'll re-up the stylesheets that were hosted on atom-bot! However, this does mean that I can't answer support questions & how-to's on my designs.

I can still be found on my deviantART but it's strictly for my doodle endeavors, not website design. :P

Thank you guys for using / commenting / liking my work! Every watcher and comment was seriously appreciated. :)

Over & out,
♥ nattie / introject
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